Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meet the Judges

Our esteemed panel of judges has been spending long hours trying to make a determination of who is the silliest.  Apparently they are having a quite difficult time because we have received so many excellent examples of silliness.

Meanwhile, I'm sure everyone is wondering: Who are the judges? And what exactly are their qualifications to judge Garth Riley's FIRST EVER Silly Photo Contest?  So I have asked each judge to provide a statement of his or her credentials.  (I have italicized the comments of the judges, so you'll know when it's them and when it's me.)

Chief Judge Garth Riley

MY expertise in the field of silliness is unquestionable.  I'm always doing silly things and making silly noises.  I was the class clown in obedience, agility and tricks classes.  One of my goals in life is to spread smiles, joy, and silliness.  I'm so big and goofy that I can be silly without even trying.  Honestly, what could be more silly than a dog playing a piano?

Uh oh.  I think I may be stuck.

Anybody need a hand?

Yep, I'm definitely stuck.

Why is everything upside down?

* * *

Senior Judge Willow Xenakis

While border collies have a reputation for being quite serious, we can also be silly.  More importantly, we are extremely intelligent and therefore very well qualified to do essentially anything -- whether it is judging a Silly Photo Contest, herding sheep, playing the drums or preparing tax returns.

Is it time to unpack?

* * *

(This is my serious look.)
Judging silliness is serious business

Judge Hero Wilkes

I'm a Canine Good Citizen and Intermediate Trick Dog, AND I have these snazzy medals and letters after my name!  I'm a lab, and although it's true that labs are inherently silly, I am EXTRA silly because I've learned much about silliness from having Garth and Willow as my mentors.  Although I used to live near Garth and Willow, I am currently spreading silliness in my new home in Scotland.

How 'bout a big hug for me, mum?

Uh oh, Garth, I think Willow played the 
super-glue joke on us again

* * *

(Garth again) Because we had so many kittie entries, at the last minute I had to recruit some kittie judges.  This was quite difficult, since kitties always run away from me.  But Hero's kittie brothers graciously agreed to assist in the judging as long as we communicated via Skype and an ocean remained between us.  I told them this wasn't really necessary, but they insisted.

* * *
Judge Yogi Wilkes

I take a very relaxed approach to judging. 

I have a young lab for a brother, so I know ALL ABOUT silliness.  I live with silliness 24-7.  It's like he's on catnip ALL the time.  

* * *
Judge Boo Boo Wilkes

How dare you ask for my credentials?  I'm a cat.  Enough said. 

* * *

I'm sure you'll agree that we couldn't find a more qualified group of judges anywhere.  Next time you hear from our judges, they will be announcing the winners!


  1. Heehee!! That BooBoo! Hey we have a dog named BooBoo! Could you ask Willow Xenakis where she got that cute costume?


  2. I fully trusts the judgements of your highly esteemed judges. I rolfed about the kitty who will only do Skypings from an ocean away. You has a great fierceness, Garth!